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Easy Short-term Cash Loans

Need money quick but not for long? At Good to Go Loans we offer short-term cash loans that get you the money you need, the moment you need it. Whether you're in a bind or need to make a sizeable purchase ASAP, Good to Go Loans is ready to help. In short - pun intended - our short-term cash loans are easy, fast, reliable and hassle-free.

Just how short is short?

How long is a piece of string? Whether your idea of short-term is four weeks or a hundred and four, we have short-term cash loans for everyone. And when we say everyone, we mean just about everyone. Got bad credit? No problem. On Centrelink? Also no problem. Need a cash advance for your business or for personal reasons? As long as you meet our eligibility criteria, you could see money in your account overnight, or possibly even sooner.

Our range of short-term cash loans includes:

Sound like we've got you covered? We thought we might. If you're ready to apply for a Good to Go short-term cash loan, feel free to head on over to our application page and start filling in an online loan application now. It's a super easy and straightforward process and, since the whole thing - including settlement - takes place online, you don't even need to worry about leaving your house.

You can also rest assured knowing you'll be dealing with a trustworthy lender who will never lend you more money than you can afford to comfortably repay. We're a small business with a big reputation and we plan on keeping it that way. Every member of our team follows our strict lending practices to a T (and is an all-round decent person - we only hire the good ones here) and we're also very serious about complying with the National Consumer Credit Protection Act and other government regulations.

Got more questions first? Click here for more information or get in touch to speak to one of the friendly Good to Go Loan specialists.


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What our customers have to say…

  • It was great! Very friendly staff unlike others I have tried!

    By Frank on

  • I was in a tight situation before I came across G2G Loans. When I filled out the online application I had high doubts that I would be rejected because I’m not in a full-time job. However, the opposite happened. I received a call from a polite staff member, I sent through the requested I.D and within minutes I received an email advising I was approved for a loan. That made me relax heaps and stress less and I now have the funds I needed approved to help me and repay small amount back which will allow me to continue living comfortably. I would definitely recommend G2G Loans to family and friends as I mentioned great customer service and the loan repayments are exceptional for people to live comfortably after loaning and repaying the funds back

    By Clotilde on

  • Our sincere thanks for your very prompt response to our request for some financial assistance, AGAIN.!!!. Your teams are very customer focused attitude, warm friendly welcome, always make the task of applying for a Loan that much easier for older clients, much Less stressful, and the online means of supplying documents in support of applications, makes the process quite simple. We have been able to cover some additional costs associated with our transfer to another residence much easier, as we needed to update essential appliances, which were essential to our quality of life. If Good2Go Loans had not been able to assist in this matter, we would have had to ask relatives and friends to help out, and that can create unwanted problems. We would certainly recommend Good2Go Loans, to any of our friends and family in need of financial assistance, knowing they would treated courteously and fairly by the team at Good2Go Loans. We have been repeat clients of Good2Go Loans in past years, and they have always been the same courteous and understanding team. Whenever we have approached them with a Problem, a Solution has been offered. Thank you Good 2Go Loans for once again coming up Trumps.

    By Rouen on

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