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5 tips to save for your dream home

We all know property prices are a lot higher than when our parents bought the family home. Still, there’s plenty of opportunities to get your foot in the real estate door. The hardest part for most is saving the dreaded home deposit. It can be a hard a long journey to get the desired amount but we guarantee the feeling of accomplishment when you get there is worth the hard yards.

We’ve collected a bunch of handy hints and tips to get you on your way!

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Find Your Unclaimed Money

Unclaimed money is money from lost bank accounts, shares, investments and life insurance policies where you forget to update your details after you move address.

All your bank accounts becomes unclaimed if it is inactive (no deposits or withdrawals) for more than 7 years. Even life insurance policies becomes unclaimed 7 years after it matures and is not claimed.

This unclaimed money is transferred to the Commonwealth of Australia Consolidated Revenue Fund by ASIC and available for the rightful owner to claim at any time. Best part is that there is no time limit on claims.

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Need a Personal Wedding Loan for your big day?

Congratulations, you’ve found the perfect person to propose to or have accepted a proposal from that special person in your life. Now the hard work begins in planning and paying for your wedding day. Wedding celebrations can be very expensive and can cost upwards of $25,000. There’s lots to think about, from the dress to the venue and everything in between.

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