NOTE: The figures represented in this calculator are an example only and may not represent actual repayments contractual or otherwise.

Good to Go Loans Fast Loans

Need money fast with no time to waste? Forget queuing up at a branch, answering a tonne of questions or filling in extensive paperwork. (Who has time for that?) At Good to Go Loans, we make it easy to get the funds you need right when you need them.

Just how fast is a Good to Go fast loan?

How does same-day settlement sound? Our online loan application process is quick and easy, and can be completed in a matter of minutes – literally. Our fast loans are no-paperwork loans, so you don’t need to worry about rushing out to find a printer or a post office. You can complete your form and even sign our settlement offer from the comfort of your couch, your office or in transit, wherever you may be.

If we have everything we need from you, we’ll approve your application the exact same day you apply, and transfer funds into your account overnight or even sooner. We meant it when we said our loans were fast.

Check out our online loan calculator to find out how much money you could borrow today.

Who can apply for a Good to Go fast loan?

We’ve laid out our eligibility criteria for our fast personal loans here, but the short answer is, just about anyone. Our quick and easy loans include bad credit fast loans, fast cash loans for the unemployed, fast cash loans for pensioners and even fast cash loans for people on Centrelink. We consider all applications and we don’t charge fees no matter the outcome.

Sound too good to be true?

We promise that it’s not. We have an excellent reputation and we plan on keeping it that way. We have our own set of responsible lending practices that we follow to a T, and we pride ourselves on being all-round decent people. We’ll never lend more money than we believe a customer will be able to comfortably repay, and we’re fully compliant with government regulations like the National Consumer Protection Act and government-controlled price caps.

We’re also big on transparency. We’ll answer any questions you have and lay out all the terms, fees and charges from the very beginning so you’ll never be surprised at any point along the way.

Ready to apply for a fast loan?

Click here to get started with our online application form, or get in touch and a friendly Good to Go Loans specialist will be happy to answer any questions about our quick and easy loans.


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NOTE: The figures represented in this calculator are an example only and may not represent actual repayments contractual or otherwise.