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by Julie on Good to Go Loans
G2G Loans took the pressure off

G2G Loans took the pressure off by assisting with the repair of my car enabling me to get to my new job rather than walking a long way!

by Natasha on Good to Go Loans
Very satisfied

I couldn’t pay for my course because I was unable to get an advanced loan from Centrelink on time. Good to Go Loans treated me with respect and the lady I spoke to was very understanding. They called me back because I was calling them with prepaid credit. Very satisfied and it made a lot of difference. I would have had to forget about enrolling in my course and wait until next year, which is the next student intake.

by Gustavo on Good to Go Loans
Swift response

You guys have been awesome! You have been clear with your communication and you managed to review my loan request quite promptly and were very swift to provide a response and an answer. This goes in line with my previous experiences with your organisation, each time I have been impressed with the service you guys have provided. I would definitely recommend your company to friends and family.

by Cecil on Good to Go Loans
Extremely Happy

I need to have cataract surgery and, whilst my Health Insurance covers most of it, I have to pay the excess and the out of pocket expenses. I received the typical fast and friendly G2G service and the loan’s officer was very understanding of my circumstances. Extremely happy with the outcome that will help me regain excellent vision once more. I would have needed to wait until I could save the amount needed. I would recommend G2G because G2G have always treated me with respect, understanding and compassion.

by Kimberley on Good to Go Loans
Wonderful and amazing

The situation I was in before I was helped was my bank account was in the negative and, now that I am expecting baby #2, I have been struggling with money. The way I was treated by G2G Loans was amazing, the lady I spoke to was wonderful and so helpful and just an amazing lady in general. I can now put away money and buy things I need for when my baby arrives. Will definitely recommend Good to Go Loans to anyone who is needing help.

by Nicole on Good to Go Loans
Outstanding and helpful

Thank you to Good to Go Loans for giving me the a chance when no one else would, which gave me confidence. I first went to Good to Go Loans for help with car repairs. They offered me a loan which was easy to repay and since then I’ve continued to use them when needed. Their customer service team are outstanding, always so helpful and friendly and fast approvals. I highly recommend Good to Go Loans to anyone.

by Michael on Good to Go Loans
Very friendly & efficient

I was in desperate need of a small loan for car repairs for car registration and, being a pensioner, that has always been very difficult in the past. Most of the time its been impossible. Thanks to the very friendly and efficient staff at Good to Go Loans, I was able to obtain a small loan fast with no hassle at all and within hours I was able to access the money. If it wasn't for this loan I would be unable to register my car this year and would have to find some other form of transport, and being in a small town that would have been nearly impossible. Their rates are the most competitive I've seen and fees are low in comparison to their competitors. I would recommend Good to Go Loans for anyone needing a quick loan with low rates, especially if you have had troubles getting loans in the past.

by Kerrie on Good to Go Loans
Very affordable

I'd like to say that without the loans that I get from Good to Go Loans I would be stuck as I use the loans for Christmas and for my car registration. They have a great payback plan and are very affordable. The staff have always been helpful and understanding and they are all lovely people. Thank you Good to Go Loans.

by Gail on Good to Go Loans

My experience with this company has been excellent. 12 months ago my sister had terminal cancer, Good to Go Loans approved my loan which gave me time to spend with her instead of working. You went above and beyond to help me with my situation. I’ve just renewed with you again and nothing is a problem. My situation this time is ok, just needing extra money for unforeseen things. I would totally recommend your company without hesitation. Thank you for the support Good to Go Loans.

by Dahnee on Good to Go Loans
Very helpful

Fiona was an amazing help for my application process. Very helpful and informative. Thank you Good to Go Loans

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