Looking for an easy loan that’s going to get you the cash without the headache? Welcome to Good to Go Loans.

We offer a broad range of hassle-free loans that will see the money you need in your account overnight – if not sooner. Just how hassle-free are our loans? How does never having to leave the couch sound? The Good to Go Loans loan application process takes place entirely online – right from application through to settlement. You don’t need to rush out to print or post forms, so go ahead and keep those comfy clothes on.

We don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ loan here. Our suite of loans is designed to meet all sorts of circumstances, and offer customers a range of options and solutions that best meet your needs. Good to Go loans include:

What do you need to do to secure your Good to Go loan?

Line of Credit – A convenient credit limit between $500 to $2,000. Apply once and access your money any time. Drawdown your available funds as often as you need it.

Fast cash loans – The perfect way to get out of a jam (we won’t ask), Good to Go Fast loans are the best cash loans in Australia. In just a few short steps, you’ll see between $500 and $5000 in your bank account overnight.

Car Loans – Upgrade, repair or replace your existing car or buy a brand new one with Good to Go Car Loans.

Business Loans – whether you’re a small business, a start-up or self-employed, our fast and easy business loans can provide the extra funds you need to support your business.

Personal Loans – ranging from $3,000 to $30,000 Good to Go fast approval personal loans are tailored to suit your individual circumstances.

Bad credit cash loans – don’t let a few mistakes or misfortunes from your past get in the way of your financial future. We offer bad credit cash loans in a range of circumstances.

Short term cash loans – need money fast but not for long? Check out our short-term cash loans.

We have a very straightforward set of loan eligibility criteria, offer Centrelink loans, low doc business loans and even same day bad credit loans.

If you’re wondering if this is all too good to be true, we promise that it’s not. We’re a trusted lender and we’re proud of our reputation. We have our own set of strict rules that we follow to the letter’s plus there are government regulations we’re serious about complying with. And, we’re actually pretty decent people. We care about our customers and will do everything we can to find a way to help you based on your personal circumstances. We’ll never lend you more money than we think you’ll be able to repay without too much hassle. Get in touch today, and we’ll get you Good to Go.