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Introducing the Good to Go Line of Credit


Line of Credit

Apply once and access money when you need it


Redraw facility

Redraw money without having to pay the balance


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Pay off faster and save on interest

Do you want the flexibility of accessing money when you need it? A Line of Credit does exactly that! It gives you access to your credit limit straight away and the good news is that with every dollar you pay back is a dollar that is available for you to drawdown again when you need it. Good to Go Loans make it quick and easy to get the money you need when you need it!

What’s a Line of Credit

A Line of Credit is a flexible online loan with a credit limit that you can withdraw when you need money. You only need to apply once and access your money anytime.

  • What are the benefits of a Line of Credit?
    The main benefits of a Line of Credit are accessibility and flexibility. The funds can be drawn down very easily and can be used for whatever purpose you need. You can make extra repayments at any time, which will save you interest but also allow you to withdraw money from your available funds at any time without having to make another application. If you need more funds, a credit limit increase is also available, even if you still have a balance.
  • How much can I borrow?
    You can borrow from $500 up to $2,000. When you apply, you will be given an account limit. You can request a draw down at any time. You can apply to increase your credit limit without any hassle, even if you still have a balance.
  • How much does a Line of Credit cost?
    There are no fees to apply for a Line of Credit. Just an interest rate on the amount owing.
  • How to apply for a Line of Credit?
    The online application takes minutes to complete. Simply click “Start Application” to submit an online application form.
  • Who is eligible for a Line of Credit?
    To be eligible, you need to be over eighteen, have a steady income and a reasonable credit history.

Apply for a Good to Go Line of Credit Now!
Head over to our online application form. If you have any questions or need help applying for your Line of Credit, get in touch with one of our friendly loans specialists and they will hold your hand and take away all the stress.