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Looking for a fast personal loan in Melbourne that will have money in your account in time to pay an urgent bill or let you purchase that big ticket item you need immediately? At Good to Go Loans, we offer quick and easy personal loans that will see money in your account overnight or that very same day.

Why Choose Good to Go Loans for Your Personal Loan in Melbourne

Quite frankly, we believe ours are one of the best personal loans in Melbourne. We're guessing you need a bit more evidence than that, so how about these reasons:

  • Our loan application process takes place entirely online. No matter where you are in Melbourne, or the rest of Australia for that matter, you can apply, be approved and receive funds without needing to even open your front door. Find out more about the loan application process here.
  • We consider all applications. We believe that everyone deserves a chance, so we consider every application that comes our way, and issue a broad range of loans including both Centrelink approved loans and bad credit personal loans in Melbourne. If you're wondering if you're eligible for a Good to Go loan, check out our eligibility criteria here.
  • Have we mentioned our loans are fast? Same-day cash loan fast, no matter how big or small your personal loan will be.
  • We're upfront about our terms and fees so you never need to worry about being blindsided at any stage of the loan process.
  • Speaking of fees, we don't charge application fees under any circumstances. We also don't charge early payout fees. You're welcome to pay out your loan as early as you'd like.

Plus, we're really proud of our reputation here at Good to Go Loans. We stick to a very rigid set of lending regulations and are always compliant with government regulations like the National Consumer Credit Protection Act. We'll never lend you more money than we believe you can comfortably afford, so you don't need to worry about being taken for a ride when you choose Good to Go Loans for your fast personal loan in Melbourne.

Ready to get started? Click here for our online application form, or feel free to get in touch with a friendly Good to Go loan specialist if you have any questions or need help applying for your fast Melbourne loan today.


What our customers have to say…

  • This is not my first time dealing with Good to Go Loans and that's why I always come back because the service is second to none. The staff are always pleasant and happy to go that extra mile. You always solve my problems and at such an efficient manner as well. I am happy and never have a problem recommending you to family and friends. Thank you again for your help.

    By Marina on

  • As usual, Good to Go Loans helped me out when I was in trouble. The staff are friendly, helpful and non-judgmental. Working for minimum wage is difficult anyway and one small hiccup can seriously cause severe problems. I don't earn enough money, although I work full time, to anticipate problems. I realise I pay a bit more money for this assistance and banks and credit unions are much cheaper, but they don't want to deal with people like me. Good to Go loans are always ready to listen and offer whatever assistance they can. I would recommend anybody to contact them and know that they would be treated with courtesy and respect. I am truly grateful for their assistance in my latest, and previous, hiccups.

    By Debbie on

  • I’m so glad I found g2g loans. I have been through them for a while now and I’ll highly recommend them to anyone who wants to apply for a loan. They are fair and make your experience worthwhile

    By Amy on

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