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Good to Go Gold Coast Cash Loans

Got a huge expense coming up? Been blindsided by a bill you didn't see coming? Need car finance or a car repair loan? Just really, really want to treat yourself to something nice or a holiday even? Whatever you need a Gold Coast loan for, Good to Go Loans can help.

We are a trusted money lender, offering quick and easy cash loans to people on the Gold Coast. Our loans are designed to suit a whole range of people and circumstances, including bad credit loans, personal loans, business loans, short-term loans and same-day cash loans. We make it easy for you to get the funds you need - fast.

A few of the reasons you should choose Good to Go Loans for your Gold Coast cash loan:

  • Our loan application process is quick and easy. The whole process takes place online or over the phone if you'd prefer. So you can apply, be approved and receive your funds without ever leaving your house. Plus, our loans are same-day loans, so this whole process might only even take a few hours.
  • Our terms and conditions are not only fair, but they are completely transparent. We'll let you know everything upfront so you're never shocked along the way. No one likes bad surprises.
  • We're also super upfront about our fees and will let you know everything upfront. We offer competitive rates and we don't charge application or early payout fees.
  • We consider all applications. If you take the time to apply, we'll take the time to look at your application, even if you have a bad credit history, are on Centrelink, are a pensioner or are self-employed. Click here to find out more about our eligibility criteria.
  • We are a trusted Gold Coast lender. Our team is serious about sticking to both our own lending regulations, as well as government regulations including the National Consumer Credit Protection Act. We'll do everything we can to help you get the money you need, but we'll never lend you more than we believe you'll be able to comfortably repay.

Sound good? Click here to apply for your Gold Coast cash loan now. Otherwise, if you have any questions about our quick and easy loans on the Gold Coast, feel free to get in touch and our friendly loans specialists will be happy to help.


What our customers have to say…

  • As a return customer, the process was so easy. Excellent customer service and a pleasure to deal with. Thank you so much for making it so easy

    By Michaela on

  • Beautiful people to deal with. No fuss, so easy to apply. Grateful, thankyou

    By Leslie on

  • This will be the second time I have used Good to Go Loans. My first experience with good to go loans was amazing. Having to quit my job and look after my children while going through chemotherapy and radiotherapy on a Centrelink benefit I didn’t think there was anyone who would lend me money for those little things that come up. But Good to Go Loans did. You guys changed my life taking a chance on me. I don’t remember quite what I needed the loan for but it was approved and in my account the same day. I was ever so grateful. I was able to do what I needed to. Now getting back on track and looking for part time work I need car rego and Good to Go Loans have approved this too. I had used another finance company earlier in the year and the experience and personalisation was just not there. Good to go loans are fast, personal, convenient, really easy, flexible repayments, but manageable at the same time. The staff are friendly, helpful, and do their best to help where they can. I have no hesitation in recommending Good to go loans to anyone.

    By Clarissa on

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