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Good to Go Adelaide Cash Loans

Stressing about where to get a quick cash loan in Adelaide ? At Good to Go Loans we'll replace your worry with cash overnight, if not sooner.

If you're thinking you'll never be approved for a fast cash loan, we're here with good news. At Good to Go Loans, we believe that everyone deserves a shot at getting the funds they need to achieve their goals. We offer a broad range of loans to suit all different circumstances, including loans for Centrelink customers, bad credit cash loans and even short-term loans for pensioners.

Why Choose Good to Go Loans

We might be biased, but we believe we offer the best cash loans in Adelaide. For starters, our SA personal loans are:

  • Quick and easy - apply online, be approved online. The whole process, from application to settlement, can happen all on the same day.
  • Designed for everyone - we offer personal loans, bad credit loans, business loans, car loans , short-term terms - you name it, we probably offer it. We consider all applications, even if you are self-employed, are on Centrelink or have a bad credit history.
  • Reasonable - our rates are low and we don't charge application fees. We also don't charge early payout fees, so you can free yourself from your loan as soon as you're ready.
  • Transparent - we lay everything out on the table from the get go, so you'll never be surprised by anything along the way.
  • Trusted - we are a reputable lender, known for our strict compliance with the National Consumer Credit Protection Act and our own set of lending criteria. We'll never lend you more money than we think you'll be able to comfortably repay.

If you're ready to start applying for your quick cash loan in Adelaide, click here now. If you've got any questions about how it all works or need help with your online application, feel free to get in touch at any time.


What our customers have to say…

  • My situation was not so bad but the loan sure makes my life easier. Good to Go Loans are always understanding and empathetic. 100% satisfied and a big thank you. If I was unable to get help I would have just had to rely on friends to take me places. Hard without a car but now I can get repairs. I would certainly recommend to family and friends and feel sure they would be super happy with the great service

    By Julia on

  • I would highly recommend Good to Go Loans for anyone who needs a loan urgently. The consultants at Good to Go Loans are so quick to respond to your application, whether you apply online or over the phone. I`m not very good when it comes to using the computer, but the loan application is so easy- even for someone like me. There are no hidden fees and it is all set out in the Contract clearly so you can see what you pay back, how much each instalment is and how long it will take you to pay it in full. Good to Go Loans are the only lending company that I will borrow money from. Whether you need quick cash to repair your car, pay rego or need help paying bills that are piling up, Good to Go Loans are awesome!!!

    By Amanda on

  • As for my situation, I found it hard to get a loan but with Good2Go they were very understanding and compromising and very supportive of me for this loan. I would recommend this company to anyone who would apply for a loan through this company.

    By Brett on

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