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Am I Eligible for a Loan

Government regulations and our own strict rules mean we can't just hand out loans willy-nilly - but we do make it as easy possible for you to get the cash you need as soon as you need it. We love being able to help our customers get out of tight spots or achieve their goals with a little bit of financial help exactly when they need it.

At Good to Go Loans we want to make it easy for our customers to get the loan they need, so we keep our loan criteria pretty simple. Want money to start a new business? Need money to pay emergency medical bills? Or maybe you just want a gosh-darn pony. Whatever you need money for, we're happy to help you get it. But first, we just have a few straightforward questions to find out whether or not you're eligible for a loan:

Are you over eighteen?

If you're over eighteen, congratulations! You've checked the first box. If you're under eighteen, contact us again after your eighteenth birthday.

Do you earn some kind of steady income?

Your steady income could come from full-time employment, part-time employment, casual employment or Centrelink payments - we really don't mind.

P.S. How about that credit history?

Wondering if you can apply for a loan with bad credit? At Good to Go Loans we do conduct credit checks, but if you've got a credit history that leaves a lot to be desired, this isn't necessarily the end of the road for you. In fact, we like to think of ourselves as bringers of second chances. We offer bad credit loans in a range of circumstances. Find out more here.

If you've had a good look at our loan checklist and think you may be eligible for a Good to Go loan, feel free to apply now. We don't charge fees for applications, regardless of the outcome. If you'd like to know more about our loans and loan eligibility criteria, click here or get in touch at any time. Our friendly loan specialists are always happy to help.


What our customers have to say…

  • Good 2 go loans are a real-life saver when you hit unexpected bills. Fees and charges are so much cheaper than other lending retailers. Service is great and any question you have is answered by their professional staff. I highly recommend above any other lending retailer.

    By Sarah on

  • I have taken loans out from Good to Go for personal use and the staff are always friendly and easy to speak with. On some occasions, I needed a loan to catch up on things and other instances for white goods that gave way and had money left over for a camping trip. Without Good to Go Loans I would be scraping it. The repayments are fair. Thank you Good to Go Loans.

    By Ben on

  • As usual, Good to Go Loans helped me out when I was in trouble. The staff are friendly, helpful and non-judgmental. Working for minimum wage is difficult anyway and one small hiccup can seriously cause severe problems. I don't earn enough money, although I work full time, to anticipate problems. I realise I pay a bit more money for this assistance and banks and credit unions are much cheaper, but they don't want to deal with people like me. Good to Go loans are always ready to listen and offer whatever assistance they can. I would recommend anybody to contact them and know that they would be treated with courtesy and respect. I am truly grateful for their assistance in my latest, and previous, hiccups.

    By Debbie on

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