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Introducing Good to Go Loans - Fast Loans Specialist

Looking for a reliable lender that can lend you money fast, no strings attached and without the need for extensive paperwork? Welcome to Good to Go Loans.

We're not like other Lenders

We know what you're thinking - you've heard it all before. But we promise we're really not like other lenders. More specifically, we're not like larger financial institutions that make their customers jump through hoop after hoop only to end up with a disappointing loan. We are a reputable Australian lender, offering a broad range of loans to suit a whole range of circumstances and we do everything we can to make it easy for clients to get the funds they need - fast.

When we say you can trust us, we mean it. We have a super strict internal policy to assess each loan application individually and never lend more money to anyone that we believe they can repay comfortably. Plus, there are things like government regulations and our reputation that we take very seriously.

How Good are G2G Loans?

At Good to Go Loans, our loans truly are good to go. Designed to meet a whole range of needs, we offer everything from personal loans to business loans and everything in between. Our online loans include:

And, in true Aussie spirit, we're big believers in giving everyone a fair go. We consider all loan applications and don't automatically disqualify Centrelink applicants, people with bad credit history or people who are self-employed. We believe everyone deserves a chance - or a second chance - and we're more than happy to hear from you if you need a fast loan for whatever reason.

Where to Find Us

We're located in the beautiful Hawkesbury region of New South Wales, but operate almost entirely online. This means we can offer our fast and affordable loans to people located all over Australia with very little fuss. If you live nearby and would prefer a face-to-face meeting, get in touch to set up an appointment.

Find out more about your eligibility criteria over here, read about our online loan application process here or click here to apply for your fast loan today.


What our customers have to say…

  • Good to Go Loans are fantastic, friendly, quick and understanding of their customer’s needs. I would recommend them. Thank you so much.

    By Scott on

  • I was seeking assisting with some funds as I need to have some dental work done. The day I inquired I was in immense pain and the person on the other end of the phone was very patient and kind to me. The Process was a quick one. Having my application approved was a god sent as I could have the dental work done and not have to worry about the upfront fee on top of the payment for what I need done. If it wasn’t for Good 2 Go, I would have to wait until I could afford it, and that would not have been pleasant. I would recommend Good 2 Go as they have offered excellent repayment options that are affordable for me.

    By Lisa on

  • I was very happy with the service

    By Karen on

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