When Is the Right Time to Use Your Credit Card?

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Do you want to become a shrewd credit card owner? Then you’re in luck! We will tell you exactly when you should use your credit card and become a wise card holder.

Before you get too excited, you should consider two things first:
  • Check your credit card policy first as not all cards are the same.
  • Always pay off the entire balance to avoid huge credit card debts.

Buying Big Ticket Items

Using your credit card to buy big ticket Items is a smart decision. Credit card companies often provide fraud protection as well as the chance to dispute charges. In addition, credit cards would extend the warranties of purchased items.


Using your credit card to book hotel reservations and travel is a good idea. Credit cards often include secondary travel insurance coverage for major travel like trip cancellations, travel delays, medical emergencies and lost luggage.

Monthly Utility Bills

Electric, gas and water bills can be paid automatically via a credit card. This helps in household budgeting and you will stay up to date on your bills but remember, you must pay the full amount owing on your credit card before your monthly interest is due.

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