Need a Personal Wedding Loan for your big day?

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Need a Personal Wedding Loan for your big day?
Congratulations, you’ve found the perfect person to propose to or have accepted a proposal from that special person in your life. Now the hard work begins in planning and paying for your wedding day. Wedding celebrations can be very expensive and can cost upwards of $25,000. There’s lots to think about, from the dress to the venue and everything in between. You may experience a stressful time when you realise your wedding savings is not enough to cover all the costs. You may search for a solution of who can help with a small personal wedding loan. At Good to Go Loans, our loan specialists will review your application, approve your loan and release the funds into your account on the same day based on your individual circumstances.

Why should you opt for a personal wedding loan?

When you are planning and budgeting for your wedding determine what the most important priority costs are and use your savings to pay for them.  If you find yourself short, Good to Go Loans are here to help!  The benefit you receive with Good to Go Loans is that we customise your repayment plan based on the application and your individual circumstances so when you come back from your honeymoon you don’t have to deal with a financial burden. Contact our loan specialists on 1300 197 727 or use our live chat to talk to one of our representatives.

Some tips that may help you save more money

Are you saving for your wedding? Here are some tips and suggestions that will save you money.
  1. Choose a venue that allows you to bring your own caterers, photographers and other vendor and don’t incur additional surcharges.
  2. Getting married on any other day apart from Saturday will help you save a lot of cash.
  3. Arrange a private wedding that includes a few close friends and family instead of a “big fat wedding”.
  4. Stock up on alcohol in advance when you come across great deals or discounts. Sign up for weekly newsletters from your favorite alcohol vendors.
  5. Use your tax refund, birthday money or festive promotional vouchers you have received towards your wedding costs.
  6. Design your own invitations. There are many websites that can help you create a free wedding invitation online.
  7. Do you have a mate who loves taking photos and may be happy to do some freelancing photography? Give them an important job and save money on a professional photography package.
Remember to plan and start your wedding savings early and look out for opportunities that will help you save money.  Don’t hesitate to apply for a personal wedding loan here or contact us on 1300 197 727 when you need a lender you can trust.

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