Tips to Saving Money During This Pandemic

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During this COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to re-evaluate your household finances and see how much money you can start saving.

Here are several tips that will allow you to save money during this pandemic:

Save on Food

You can save money by spending less on deliveries or takeout. It’s better to prepare your meals at home.

Reduce your Fees

Contact your amenities providers such as telephone, internet, electricity and gas, to negotiate a lower rate or a more suitable package for you.

Cancel Subscriptions

Cancel subscriptions or memberships that you can no longer use during the pandemic, such as a gym membership. There’s no use paying for things you won’t use.

Defer Your Payments

Contact your credit card company or your mortgage provider and see if it is possible to defer your payments for a period of time.

Check Your Entitlements

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Stay Safe

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