Social outings on a tight budget

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Social outings on a tight budget
We all like catching up with our friends, but it can be difficult when times are a tight. It seems like any outing ends up costing a fortune these days. If you go out to the pub with your mates you can easily be in for $100. Even most movie tickets are $18 a person!

We’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to help you keep in touch with your friends and not break the social outing.

  1. Cheap Tuesday

    There’s plenty of businesses that have awesome deals on Tuesdays. Movie tickets, restaurants and some fun activities can be up to half price! Look into what company offers these fab deals and take advantage while their available.
  2. Be the instigator

    Everyone has that friend that likes to spend big. It can be hard trying to keep up. The best way to try and keep on top of it is to be the one that organises the activities. This way you can suggest the cheaper activities and still see your friends.
  3. Free events

    There are many wonderful events run all over the country that are free to go to and a great time. An example of this is the Vivid Festival in Sydney. An amazing light display that is put on every year and is free to attend. Pack some food and head in for a cheap night out. Google your local area to see what’s on!
  4. Happy hour

    After work drinks can really start to add up- especially if it’s your round to shout! Plenty of bars/ pubs have cheap drinks at a selected time. Grab a bunch of friends and check out the latest offers at your local! (Drink responsibly of course)
These are just a few ways to stay social on the cheap. Use your creativity and see what other options you can think up! If you do need a bit of cash to fund your activities, our Cash Loans are here to help. Apply online or contact us today to find out more!

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