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Good to Go Business Loans

Got a business in need of some extra capital? Want to start a whole new venture or grow your current company to all new heights? Or perhaps you just need to catch up on payroll while you wait for your less reliable clients to get their bills paid. At Good to Go Loans, we take the stress out of running a business with our quick and fast business loans for businesses of all sizes.

Whatever you need finance for, Good to Go business loans offer the funds you need so you can get back to focusing on kicking goals. We provide a fast, hassle-free, online application process to make acquiring the funds you need as seamless as possible.

Quick, Easy Business Loans

Small Business Loans

Whatever range of purposes you want financial assistance for, we offer suitable funding to help you invest and grow your enterprise. Good to Go Loans provides finance for shop fitouts and extensions as well as retail stock loans, and more. Essentially, anything business-related.

Unsecured Business Loans

Good to Go Loans can arrange unsecured loans for any business-related purpose with full reliability and quick purpose.

Small Business Cash Advances

Get upfront cash advances for your business with no need to pledge assets.

Low-Doc Business Loans

Get fast approval with less paperwork process. Apply online with a simple application form.

Centrelink Business Loans

Being on Centrelink doesn't necessarily exclude you or your business from applying for a loan. Get in touch and one of our friendly loan specialists to check whether you or your business is eligible for a Good to Go business loan.

Bad Credit Business Loans

Don't let a bad credit history get in the way of your business's future. We offer bad credit business loans in certain circumstances, giving you and your business a second chance to kick those goals.

Payroll Cash Advances

Pay your employees without needing to rely on your clients to pay your bills. Our payroll cash advances remove the worry of paying your own staff.

We Make Business Finance Easy & Quick

Flexible, Low-Rate Loans

Good to Go Loans offer low-rate, flexible loan terms and repayment options, suitable to meet your business needs.

Easy Online Application

Fill a simple online application form and let us do the rest.

Fast Approval

Get quick cash disbursal and fast approval process, all within a span of 24-hours.

Clear Pricing

We have a zero-charge process with no hidden costs.

Business Loan Calculator

Check out our business loan calculator to find out how much you can borrow. Read more information about our loan eligibility criteria here.

Good to Go Loans - A Lender You Can Trust

We are a trusted Australian lender with a reputation to uphold. We have our own set of responsible lending practices that we take very seriously, and we're also fully compliant with the National Consumer Credit Protection Act. We're also members of both the Financial Ombudsman Service and the National Credit Providers Association, and hold an Australian Credit Licence.


Fill out your online loan application form now. And feel free to get in touch at any time if you have any questions at all.

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What our customers have to say…

  • Good2Go has always been helpful to me in terms of avoiding stress, settled my family financial problems instantly, very easy to access and very reliable. I will definitely encourage family members and friends to go for your services.

    By Iva on

  • It was great! Thank you for your help. The loan will help me and l would tell friends and family to get in contact with you if they need a loan because you helped me. Thanks again

    By Hulie on

  • Great service

    By Kristy on

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