Key Points to Look Out When Reviewing the Loan’s Fine Print

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Reviewing the fine print of your loan is important. It helps in completely understanding the loan’s terms, conditions, and everything else associated with it. Here are the key points you need to look out for when reviewing the loan’s fine print.


The Annual Percentage Rate reflects the total cost of borrowing. It includes the interest rate and all the other fees. Make sure it is within your means. Determine whether the APR is fixed or variable.

Loan Term

Check the length of the loan’s term. This will tell you how long you’ll be paying. Longer terms have lower monthly payments but will cost more in interest. The opposite is true for shorter terms.


Examine any fees associated with the loans. Common fees include application, origination, late payment, prepayment, and annual fees.

Grace Period

Check if there is a grace period for your loan. It is the time you have between the due date and when penalties kick in.

Default and Late Payment Terms

Understand the penalties for default or late payment. Lenders might demand additional fees or higher interest rates.


If the loan requires collateral, understand the repercussions of default. The lender might have the right to foreclosure or repossession.

Conditions and Covenants

The fine print may include certain conditions or covenants related to insurance coverage, maintaining financial rations, and other obligations during the loan term.

Renewal Terms

Review the renewal terms of your loan. It might automatically renew unless you close or refinance it.

Legal Recourse

Understand the loan’s dispute resolution process. Check for any available legal recourse for both parties in the event of disputes or default.

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