How to Celebrate New Year Without Draining your Pockets

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For most people, the end of the year means an elaborate and wild New Year’s Eve celebration. Although it sounds nice, celebrating like this can be expensive. If you’re someone that wants to celebrate the New Year without burning a hole in your pocket, then here are some smart tips that may work out for you.

Throw a New Year’s Eve House Party

Don’t spend New Year’s Eve in a room full of strangers with overpriced alcohol and food! Get your family and friends together with a fun house party. Ask everyone to contribute with food and alcohol, prepare an excellent playlist and have a great party.

Find Free New Year’s Entertainment

Why spend when you can enjoy something free? During New Year’s Eve, there are groups and local community centres that would host free entertainment during New Year’s Eve. Just check on social media and the local newspaper to see what’s happening on New Year’s Eve.

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