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How Much Can I Borrow – Good to Go Loans Calculator

If you’re a plan-ahead kind of person, you’re probably wondering exactly how much money you can borrow so you can start mapping out your plans as accurately as possible. Want to know if you can add that extension or build that pool you’ve been dreaming about? Thinking about expanding your business and want to know if it’s a possibility based on your financial situation? Or maybe you really, really need a holiday and want to know just how far away you can get. Whatever you need a loan for, the Good to Go Loans Calculator offers a pretty good idea of just how much you can borrow.

How to Use Our Cash Loans Calculator

The Good to Go Loans calculator is super easy for you to use, but actually pretty technical on the backend. Once you’ve filled in your details, our calculator uses a custom-built formula to work out how much you can borrow based on the details you’ve submitted. This gives you the most accurate indication of what you can borrow so that you’re not left disappointed when the time comes.

Oh, also – did you know our calculator tells you what your repayments are likely to be? We’re really not big on surprises here at Good to Go Loans. Unless they involve chocolate.

Try our online calculator below to see how much it will cost and what your repayments will be.

$500 $5000
4 Week(s) 52 Week(s)
NOTE: The figures represented in this calculator are an example only and may not represent actual repayments contractual or otherwise.
Told you that would be easy. So, now what?

Now that you have a better idea of just how much money you can borrow, what are you waiting for? Get on over here to find out more about our loan application process or jump over here to start your online application now. Filling out our online loan application form is just as easy as our calculator was. There’s a reason we’re called Good to Go.


What our customers have to say…

  • They have made my life a lot better. Very easy to deal with and no fuss. I would guarantee them to anybody looking for a small loan

    By Damien on

  • What I would like to say about Good to Go Loans is that you have helped me in ways that you cannot begin to imagine. The professional and prompt response from Good to Go Loans has taken enormous stress off myself as I begin to rebuild my life from an illness that robbed me of all of my wealth and possessions that I worked so hard to accumulate.  I would thoroughly recommend Good to Go Loans to anybody, without hesitation, as they work with you and treat you as an individual whilst personally structuring a way to provide a positive outcome for both yourself and Good to Go Loans.  Extremely professional, courteous, responsible and I would recommend them to anybody.

    By Dwayne on

  • G2G loans has saved me a few times over the years when I’ve had necessary expenses that I couldn’t afford without struggle otherwise. Car reo, vet bills, child care fees, Christmas time. Always been efficient in processing my application with a response and contract complete within a couple of hours and money in my bank the next day. Can’t fault you guys, would recommend to anyone who needs a quick solution financially. Thanks Guys

    By Katie on

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