Must-haves for your carry-on bags

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Holiday Travel
Everyone loves a good holiday. Flights? Not so much….The travel can be long and uncomfortable which is made even worse when there’s no in-flight entertainment!

These are a MUST for your carry-on bag for your next holiday travel.

Neck Pillow

The best way to kill time is to sleep it out. It’s often very hard to get comfy when trying to get some shut-eye. A neck pillow- or two- can definitely make the process easier


There’s a reason they are often included in the first class courtesy packs. Cold feet is not fun. You can’t really control the overall temperature of the plane and down below is often a lot cooler. Packing socks just in case is a perfect plan.

Eye mask

A tip on trying to avoid jetlag- sleep on the destination’s time. This can be tricky is it’s still day time or the passenger next to you is persistent in reading. The eye mask will block out the light so you can get some good shut-eye in.

Reading material

We all know airlines like to request to turn off electrical devices. Having a backup option of a good magazine or book are a great way to keep yourself occupied.

Facial wipes

Facial/ baby wipes are an amazing thing to have on a long haul flight. They have so many purposes. They’re good for freshening up or wiping your hands from dinner.

Chewing gum

Every now and then you could fall victim to ouchy ears when landing. Chewing gum is known to relieve pressure in your ears while also keeping your breath smelling fresh. Need funds to finalise your travel plans or for some extra spending money? We can help! Contact us today for a travel loan.

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