How to cut your grocery shopping bill!

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How to cut your grocery shopping bill!
Everyone wants tips and new ideas for reducing the cost of the grocery bill, after all, it is one of the largest family expenses!  Here are some tips everyone can use to reduce that bill. While you’re looking around for ways and tips to reduce your grocery bill, you can use the findings of the recent research conducted by the Queensland Consumer Association that will prove handy for you to save big next time you go to the supermarket.

Findings of the Queensland Consumer Association Research

The research surveyed about 32 common daily-used household items that included pasta, cereal, chicken, veggies, fruits, baked beans and more. Conducting a full buying process for these 32 items using a different money-saving approach, the researchers were able to reduce the bill to approximately 50%.  

How Can You Cut Your Grocery Spending in Half?

The methods used by the researchers are simple and quick and can be adopted by anyone. So, if you want to save more on your shopping next time, be super smart with these tips:
  1. Always Go For Home Brands
Most of the times, you would have come across popular brand names for common grocery items in stores. These are some of the familiar names and influence the buying decision of the people through impressive advertising. What many people are unaware of is that you can get the same products from the lesser known home brands at much cheaper rates. You must always look for the supermarket’s own in-house items or from some local brand names, which are available at much lower prices in comparison to famous brands.
  1. Buy After Comparing Unit Pricing of Different Brands
Usually the items available on the shelf displays the item price basis per unit. This unit price can be for per litre or per kilogram. Even if the unit price is not displayed, you can do a simple math to calculate the unit pricing of that particular product. Then, make sure to check and compare the unit pricing of different brands for a particular product to get the cheapest deal. Based on the research findings and the unawareness amongst people, the Queensland Consumers Association is now pushing for the expansion of unit pricing rules.
  1. Before You Leave Home, Check your Pantry, Fridge and Freezer
Create a shopping list after checking what you already have at home.
  1. Check For Special Buys
Before you leave home, check online for the best weekly specials.  Sometimes it’s worth going to more than one grocery store if they have something on sale that you use a lot of.
  1. Needs Versus Wants
Supermarkets will temp you to spend!  Before you grab something that isn’t on your shopping list, ask yourself if you really need it, after all, we are trying to reduce the bill.
  1. Always Check Your Receipt
Supermarkets, like people, make mistakes.  Always check your docket before you leave the supermarket, especially the items that were on sale. Next time you visit a supermarket, don’t get fooled into spending more. Try these shopping tips and save.

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