10 Effective Ways to Save on Your Energy Bill This Winter

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10 Effective Ways to Save on Your Energy Bill This Winter
When winter sets in, it calls for nights by the heater, warm clothes and hot drinks. There are many who love winters because of the cosy feel and environment it brings. It also brings the possibility of increased energy bills. If you are wondering how to cut down your energy bills, then you need not worry, as there is a lot you can do and we have some effective tips for you:

Check Your Home Heating

During the winter season, most of the energy used in your home would be for heating purposes. You must ensure that you invest in a good quality and energy efficient heater that provides optimised functionality. You need to make sure to use your heater economically by turning it on and off at appropriate times. Remember to switch it off 15-20 minutes before you leave your home.

2Only Heat Necessary Rooms

Always ensure to only heat the rooms where you spend most of your time. An efficient heater will do that effectively for you. Close the doors of the rooms that you don’t use much.

Use Warm Clothes

Putting on warm clothes before you turn up the temperature of the heater can be a great money saver. During the day, wear warm clothes and turn down the heater. Add extra blankets to your bed.

Reduce Shower Tim

Showering in hot water will also lead to an increase in the energy usage so reducing your shower time can significantly help you to improve your savings. Additionally, install a water-efficient shower head which are great in limiting the water usage.

Use Your Kettle Efficiently

Only fill up your kettle to the amount of water you’re going to use for your tea instead of filling up the kettle with water that you’re not going to use straight away.

Let the Sun Rays In

The sun’s heat can be put to best use in winter, letting it give your home warmth. When the sun is shining, it is recommended to open the curtains while keeping the heater off.

Close The Curtains to Stop Heat Leakage

While it is suggested to open the curtains when the sun is shining, when it is not you must make sure that the curtains are fully closed to stop the heat from escaping through windows.

Reprocess Heat Use

Take advantage of your hot oven after dinner is cooked and leave the door open to bring some heat into the room.

Ensure Your Windows Don’t Have Any Gaps

If there are gaps around your home windows then over time it can lead to considerable loss in heat. Check thoroughly and seal all those gaps.

Use Gadgets Efficiently

A high amount of energy usage in your home is for the appliances. Make sure your phone or laptop charger is not on when it is not needed. Reduce energy consumption by not keeping them plugged in.

Following these tips will certainly help you save a lot on your energy bills through the winter season. Apart from these you can also consider investing in solar energy, to keep your utility consumption low and maximise the use of natural resources.

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