Does Money Matter in a Relationship?

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In a relationship, money is always a significant factor. Even though the foundation of a relationship is built on love, trust, respect, and communication, money still influences many aspects of the relationship. Here’s how money influences a relationship and why it does matter.

Financial Goals

Couples need to have similar or shared financial goals. Having similar or shared financial goals will make it easier to make financial decisions and avoid conflict. Financial goals in a relationship may vary but examples are marriage plans, saving for a house, investing for a future, and planning for their children.

Spending Habits

Conflicting spending habits will lead to tension in a relationship. A couple may have frequent arguments if one is a big spender and the other is not. This is why it’s important for couples to openly discuss their spending habits and set a mutually agreed boundary or limit for expenses.

Income Disparities

Differences in income may create power dynamics within a relationship. One may feel inferior or dependent because of having a lower income. Meanwhile, one may feel pressure to provide or feel superior because of having a higher income. Couples must discuss how to contribute to their expenses to create a harmonious relationship.

Financial Stress

Financial woes may put a strain on a relationship. Any financial trouble caused by huge bills, debt, or job loss may lead to anxiety and stress. This can lead to arguments between couples or loss of emotional connection. Couples should support each other during financial hardships. It’s best to work together and find a solution to ongoing financial stress.

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