Changes That Will Help You Save on Electricity Bills

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Electricity is vital for us to live in comfort and convenience. However, keeping the lights on will cost you – literally! To reduce the burden of electricity bills, it’s important to start saving on electricity costs and be smart on how you use electricity.

Turn lights off

It seems like a simple thing to do but turning lights off will go a long way in reducing your electricity bill.

Use natural light

Take advantage of natural light at home. Rearrange your furniture to make sure you’re not obstructing any windows and keep your curtains open.This will go a long way in reducing your electricity bill and avoid the need to keep your lights switched on.

Swap incandescent lights

Save over $80 per year by swapping out incandescent bulbs to more energy-efficient LED bulbs.

Unplug unused appliances

10% of the average household electrical use annually is caused by standby power. Unplug your unused appliances and electronics to save money.

Be efficient with your fridge

Keep the cold air in and save money on refrigeration by cleaning your fridge regularly. Also, make sure the fridge is always sealed tight.

Clean your Airconditioner

A clean airconditioner means lower energy consumption and lower bills.

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