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Stressing about where to find a cash advance in Perth with an easy loan approval process? It's time to stop worrying about how you're going to pay your bills or afford that trip, and head on over to our online application form. Super straightforward and quick to complete, you could have your application complete and approved in less time than it takes to watch a movie.

Welcome to Good to Go Loans

We're a reputable lender offering easy cash loans in Perth. We believe in making it as easy as possible for people to get the money they need, no matter what they need it for. Our fast cash loans include personal loans, car loans and business loans for people in a whole range of circumstances.

We do have a set of straightforward eligibility criteria, but we make it our business to consider all applications. Need a bad credit cash loan? No problem. Centrelink cash loan? Also, not a problem. We even offer loans for pensioners with bad credit.

Our loan application process takes place entirely online or over the phone if you'd prefer, so no matter where you are in Perth - or anywhere in Australia, for that matter - applying for a loan has never been so easy. There are also a few other reasons we think Good to Go Loans offer the best cash loans in Perth. For starters, we don't charge application fees. We don't charge early payout fees either. And in fact, when it comes to our fees, terms and conditions we're pretty much an open book. We lay everything out on the table right from the beginning so you don't need to worry about being hit with hidden charges at any step of the way.

Plus, we're a lender you can trust. We know what you're thinking: you've heard it all before. But we promise that we really mean it. Our team is equipped with a strong set of morals, and we're governed by our own set of strict lending regulations. We're also pretty serious about complying with the law, including the National Consumer Credit Protection Act. We'll never lend you more money than we think you can comfortably afford.

Ready to apply for a personal loan in Perth?

Click here to get started with our quick and easy online application form. Got questions or need help applying? Feel free to get in touch with a friendly Good to Go loan specialist at any time.


What our customers have to say…

  • From the first time I spoke to one of the customer service ladies on the phone and explained my situation, I knew I found the right company to help me with a small short term loan. They listened and processed my loan as quickly and at all times conducted themselves in a very professional way. Everything was done in a few hours and my loan was approved. I received txt messages and emails all the way through the loan process. Well done Good 2 Go hope to use you again if the need arrives.

    By Frank on

  • My situation was not so bad but the loan sure makes my life easier. Good to Go Loans are always understanding and empathetic. 100% satisfied and a big thank you. If I was unable to get help I would have just had to rely on friends to take me places. Hard without a car but now I can get repairs. I would certainly recommend to family and friends and feel sure they would be super happy with the great service

    By Julia on

  • Highly recommend to people in need. Great customer service.

    By Rachael on

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