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Good to Go Fast Cash Loans

Stressing about where you're going to get the cash you need fast? We're here with good news.

At Good to Go Loans we offer fast cash loans to individuals and businesses in a broad range of circumstances. As long as you meet our eligibility criteria, the money is all yours. And the even better news is that if you're approved for a Good to Go cash loan, you'll have the money in your account overnight - or possibly even sooner.

Why Choose Us for Your Quick Cash Loan?

Sure, we might not be your only option but we like to think of ourselves as your best option.

What makes Good to Go Loans the right choice? For starters, we're a small business with a big reputation. We're a trusted Australian lender, known for our responsible lending practices. We're completely compliant with government regulations and will never lend you more money than you can comfortably repay.

And if fast, easy and reliable aren't enough for you, here are a few other reasons we are Australia's best cash loan lender:

  • We don't charge application fees. Not a cent - no matter how your application turns out.
  • Our application process takes place online or over the phone if you'd prefer. Every single step of the process - from application to settlement - takes place entirely online or over the phone. You could apply, be approved and have funds in your account without ever leaving your couch.
  • We consider all applications. If you take the time to apply, we'll take the time to look at your application. We even consider Centrelink loan applications and bad credit loan applications.
  • We offer same-day settlement. You read that right - funds could be yours the exact same day you apply. We told you our cash loans were fast, didn't we?
  • We don't charge early payout fees. In fact, we encourage all our customers to repay their loan early.
  • We're big on transparency. Terms, fees, charges - everything is laid out on the table from the get go. No unwelcome surprises hiding in your Good to Go loan, guaranteed.

Did we mention it's super easy to apply? Click here to start filling in our online loan application form today.

If you're wondering if you're eligible, click here to read through our eligibility criteria, and if you just can't wait to find out how much money you can borrow, give our online loan calculator a go over here.

Contact us to find out more, or apply for your Good to Go cash loan online now.

  • 1Online Application Form
  • 2Verification Documents Upload
  • 3Electronic Bank Transactions Verification
  • 4Paperless Electronic Settlement

Try our online calculator below to see how much it will cost and what your repayments will be.

$500 $5000
4 Week(s) 52 Week(s)
NOTE: The figures represented in this calculator are an example only and may not represent actual repayments contractual or otherwise.

At Good to Go Loans we thrive on our responsible lending practices. We are an Australian Credit Licence holder fully compliant with the National Consumer Credit Protection act. We are members of the Financial Ombudsman Service and the National Financial Services Federation (the Industry Body).

What our customers have to say…

  • I have been a customer of Good to Go Loans for a while and have always found the service to be very supportive and understanding and always ready to assist and provide the best service. I am a happy customer and would recommend this service to all my family and friends.

    By Donna on

  • I was very impressed with the assistance I was given to receive a satisfactory result with my application.  Particularly, Bianca, Thomas and Janine. It was an extremely simple procedure and would have no qualms in recommending Good to Go Loans to my friends and associates.

    By Michael on

  • Good to Go Loans are fantastic to deal with. They constantly kept in touch and were very quick with their reply. I needed car repairs really bad and they came to the rescue with helping me with a loan. Thank you again.

    By Jenny on

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