The costs of owning a pet

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The costs of owning a Pet - Good to Go Loans

Before you give in to the kids this Christmas and buy them that super cute puppy they’ve been bugging you about all year, consider the ongoing costs and ways to reduce them.


The costs vary depending on the breed, age and size of your soon to be new pet. Take this into consideration when you’re deciding between a Chihuahua and a great dane.


The estimated costs for the first year of a dog average from $2.000- $,5000+. It then costs on average just over $1,000 per year to keep them happy and healthy.

Some costs associated with pets:

Purchase price:

Depending on what breed you are after, purchase prices can exceed $5,000.

Puppy costs:

You might need to train your pet out of some bad habits and into some new good habits. Toilet mats, kitty litter and scratching posts (for the feline friends) puppy pre-school and obedience training are common.

Vet bills:

The first year is usually the most costly averaging $500-$1,000. The health of your pet is the big contributing factor though the usual items you may most likely need to pay for are vaccinations, microchipping, de-sexing. Some breeds are more known for health issues- research before you commit.

Animal food:

Whether it’s wet or dry food you’re opting for, it all adds up over the year. There are plenty of pet food brands out there with hugely different price tags. On top of that, treats are a big hit with your new friend. Average cost of keeping a dogs tummy full with the top of the range food- $800

Pet accessories:

If you’re an OTT dog lover, you may want to deck your new pet out in new outfits. Most people just opt for a collar and lead. Toys are another optional cost

Health and preventative treatment:

The usual worming, flea tick treatments are routinely required 1-3 months depending on treatments with an average cost of $300. This of course depends on what brands you use.

Pet insurance:

An optional extra security on your furry friend. Once you’ve worked out if it’s worth it or not, you’ll need to find the right provider for you. Depending on the cover, costs can vary from $20-$100 per month

Council registration:

Fees to register your dog costs anywhere between $30- $190 per year (some councils offer lifetime)

Ways to save:

  1. Adopt instead of shop- buying from a shelter may save you money and save an animal while you’re at it.
  2. De-sex your pet- unwanted pet litters can be very costly.
  3. Research the breed- some breeds come with a larger ongoing price tag.
  4. Shop around for sales on dog food and toys

So if you are thinking of buying the kids that puppy they’ve always wanted, make sure you’re financially ready. Need help to get you started? Apply online or contact us on 1300 197 727 today to explore our finance options.