Interested in a bit of extra cash without your Centrelink payments being cut?

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Centrelink Payments

A new incentive was announced in December 2016 by the treasurer. This incentive allows some Centrelink recipients to take up some seasonal work.

This incentive is a two- year trial which will be available to Australian job seekers from 1st July 2017 and ends 30th June 2019.

The trial will allow participants to earn up to $5,000 each year from eligible seasonal work without the added income affecting their income support payments from Centrelink.
A Seasonal Work Living Away and Travel Allowance of up to $300 each year may be available to those who travel more than 120 km from home

To be eligible for the incentive you must be a job seeker who has been receiving Newstart or Youth Allowance for a minimum of three consecutive months.

So if your New Year’s resolution was to earn some extra coin, be quick as the trial is capped at 3,800 job seekers!

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