7 Top Tips for Having Fun-Filled Australia Day festivities

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7 Top Tips for Having Fun-Filled Australia Day festivities
Australia Day, celebrated every year on 26 January, is the nation’s largest annual public celebration. This day is a great opportunity for the people to come together and celebrate everything Aussie, reflecting on the country’s past and future, its diversity and achievements. And true to the custom, the upcoming Australian Day promises to deliver lively events, memorable ceremonies and fun activities to perk up the day. With a long weekend this Australian Day, it is the perfect time to catch up with your mates and family. If you are puzzled with what to do and where to go this Australia Day, then our tips for festivities will certainly be a big help to you:
  1. Visit a Traditional Aboriginal Smoking Ceremony

The beautiful Sydney Harbour, a symbolism of modern Australian-era takes centre stage this day. There will be a grand celebration of the oldest living culture, the Aboriginal smoking ceremony, beginning at Barangaroo. Australian and Aboriginal flags will be hoisted on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, coupled with dance and singing performances from Aboriginal performers.
  1. Award-Winning Dandenong Park Festival

Featuring live music, community gatherings, family activities, roving performances, backyard performances, games, fireworks, workshops, and much more.  The Australian Day festival is going to be in Dandenong Park, corner of Pultney and Foster Streets from 3.00pm to 9.30pm.
  1. Australia Day Parramatta

This huge Australian Day party featuring the stunning and might aerial hot-air balloon display is what every Aussie would want to be a part of. The event will be filled with the popular CARivale vintage car display, BBQ competitions, workshops, amusement rides, and much more.
  1. City Of Perth Australia Day Fireworks

An institution in Perth, the event, from 3.00pm to 8.00pm, will witness some of the marvellous fireworks on display. The Langley Park Entertainment Zone provides complete entertainment for you and your kids with carnival rides, action park, giant water playground, food markets, and much more.
  1. Classic Aussie BBQ

Nothing is as special as the classic Aussie BBQ to enjoy with your mates and family. Have a fun gathering planned outdoor, liven up the place with some peppy music playlist, coupled with packs of Aussie beer or even some fine cocktails. Perk up some quality sausages from your local butcher, and yes, do not forget to have all the food essentials covered and ready, especially tomato sauce and sautéed onions to take the BBQ to the next level.
  1. Hit The Beach

Beat the scorching heat this summer, having a splash at any of your favorite beaches. Cool off over the long weekend with your mates. Plan a special picnic while on the beach. Or you can have your little pool party in your local pool.
  1. Set-Off For a Romantic Weekend Picnic

If you’re feeling romantic and want a quiet place with your partner, then packing your bags and going for a long weekend picnic is your ideal option. Check some of the popular picnic spots in your region and book in advance. This day is all about being an advocate for all things Australian. Get a Kangaroo Onesie, buy Australian flags and bucket hats, but one thing you must do is make sure you create a fun-filled weekend.

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