6 Ways You Can Reduce Your Energy Bill

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6 Ways You Can Reduce Your Energy Bill
Ever felt worried after opening your power bill? You are not alone! If you think you’re paying too much and want to cut down your power bill there’s a lot you can do. You can lower your energy bills by changing how you’re consuming energy. Below are some of the most effective energy saving actions that will have the biggest impact to lower your bills:

Don’t leave Your Appliances on Standby

When your electrical appliances, like TVs, computers and phone chargers are left on standby or sleep mode they’re still consuming power. When you’re not using the appliance, turn it off. Make it a habit to turn off all the appliances before going to sleep. This will help you save up to 10% on your power bill.

Buy Energy Efficient Products Only

Modern LED globes consume much less energy than the traditional halogen light globes and are also more efficient. Same goes for other electrical appliances like refrigerators and washing machines. When shopping for these appliances look for high energy-efficient ratings.

Check the House Insulation

A properly insulated home results in enhanced energy efficiency. From ceiling insulation to external window shades, these implementations stops air from leaking out and decreases energy consumption for heating and cooling. Make sure to keep your doors shut and curtains closed.

Check Your Lighting

Turn off the lights in the rooms you’re not using and install sensors so that you only use light when you’re in the space. A lamp is a great way to light a room without using too much energy.

Turn Off Heater and Cooler When Not in Need

Turn off the heater or cooler when you leave the room or are going out. When heating or cooling is on, close the doors of the rooms that you’re not using. This ensures you are heating or cooling the area you need to. Choose a heating and cooling systems that you can create separate on and off zones for improved energy efficiency.

Implement Energy Saving Techniques in Kitchen and Laundry

Use your dishwasher only when it’s full and use economy cycle. Ensure that your fridge door seal is tight and has no gaps. When doing laundry, wash your clothes when you have a full load, and use the shortest washing cycle. Use a clothesline instead of a clothes dryer. Do a routine check on your power bill making sure it matches with the meter reading. Applying these energy saving steps will definitely help you lower your energy bill.

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